What size vacuum will I need to use Bucket Butler?
Any shop vacuum with a hose that fits inside the 2 1⁄2” dust port should be sufficient. Factors that impact the amount of collection include but are not limited to the power of the vacuum, cleanliness of the vacuum filter, type of vacuum filter (HEPA/Standard), length of vacuum hose, type of compound being mixed, speed of the mixing drill, and rate of speed when pouring in compounds and ingredients.

How do I clean my product?
Simply depress the tabs locking the top and bottom pieces and pull apart. Clean
with warm water. DO NOT use soaps and abrasives as they can damage the product as well as may contaminate future mixtures.

How do I store my product?
Although this product is made from durable polypropylene, we suggest storing as one assembled unit and not under other heavy objects.

Did we forget something?
Please send all additional questions and concerns to info@bucketbutler.com. Typical response time is less than 2 hours during business hours M-F 7am-5pm